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I designed this recipe for some US friends, who liked this. It is a bit different from my usual recipes as it has a lower freezing point – this should make it relatively well scoopable out of a normal freezer. You can infuse with herbs or spices – I used vanilla paste here.

The recipes are somewhat in between an ice cream and a gelato – strictly speaking they are too high in total solids and fats to be considered a gelato and too high in sugars to be considered an ice cream. But hey! let’s not get jammed by rules if we know what we are doing and especially if we are making ice cream for home and friends.

I was not sure how to consider corn syrup in terms of sucrose equivalence – I calculated the recipe once considering that corn syrup would be similar to glucose syrup 40DE and once considering it as glucose syrup 60DE. In both cases the calculations give me acceptable results with a freezing point in the -2.5 to -2.9 °C range depending on the Dextrose Equivalence I considered.

If you test the recipes, let me know what you think!

Soy Milk5735700
Oat milk (Silk Extra Creamy)0059359
Corn Syrup1001010410
Refined coconut oil899929,2
Cashew butter or blend in566586
Rolled oats56200
Vanilla paste or other spices20,220,2
Total for soy milk recipe1000100
Total for oat milk recipe1000100
The first two columns refer to the soy milk recipe. The last two column refer to the oat milk recipe

In the soy milk recipe, some rolled oats are first soaked in the hot milk and then blended in to increase chewiness – they are optional – if using make sure they are blunted well or results could be a bit gritty.

Use your stabiliser of choice, I like a mix of tara and xanthan in 9:1 ratio lately, which I disperse in the sugar to avoid lumps when adding to the recipe.

If you have a powerful blender, you can blend everything together. I prefer to use cashew butter to make sure results are smooth, gently warm (to about 45 °C) the plant-based milk with the solids (sugars, stabilisers, spices, and the glucose syrup), add the cashew butter and the coconut oil. Strain if necessary then cool rapidly and refrigerate for a few hours before churning.

If you test the recipes, let me know what you think!