My current course offer is generally on-line. My courses are organised on-demand: they are not pre-recorded, but are run ‘live’ – so we have time to go through all your questions and doubts. For this reason, I try to keep them small, one-two people on-line, small groups when I run them live. If you are interested in running the course in person, please contact me and we’ll organise what is possible. With an available kitchen, practical sessions can be added on demand.

The courses are technical in nature, but I will take you through the science in simple language and I promise everything will be clear! The feedback I have received far is very good.

The first course I offer is a general introduction to Chemistry in the Kitchen – you’ll learn about macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, proteins) and fibres from a structural point of view, moving onto their role in cooking and some tricks for a successful transition to a plant-base approach without missing out on flavours and textures. Fore more information, select the submenu or go there directly

I also offer a specialised course, where I teach you all I know about ice cream and how to make a great vegan gelato. Again, this course is science-based, because ice cream making is essentially applied science ;-). Fore more information, select the submenu or go there directly

Both courses can and will be run in presence when this becomes possible. They are available in Italian and in English.

Contact me if you are interested – send me an email