What’s cooking? Science in the Kitchen

As I transitioned to a vegan diet, I realised I had to learn a whole new set of skills. My first trials were extremely bland, did not have the correct texture, and nobody was happy…

I thought I had to start looking into more detail into what is going on when we cook – my chemistry background and interest for science helped me and I was able to start making dishes that everybody appreciated. Phew!

In this process, I realised a couple of things – the first is that it is difficult to convince people to change their diet if their experience is not good; the second is that what became obvious to me was for many people clouded by mystery and suspicion.

As a chemist, I have always been very sensitive to the suspicion surrounding ‘chemistry’ – I get so annoyed when somebody talks about stuff which is ‘natural’ without realising that nature IS chemistry and often the only difference between a ‘natural’ and an artificial ingredient is related simply to its degree of purity! I will spend some time on this subject in the future, I suspect…

Anyway! Having realised those things, I decided to put some of the material I studied together, in order to share what I have learnt in the process with others. I created a short introductory course to the science of cooking – ca 6 hours during which I explain the physico-chemical cooking behaviour of the main food components. Through the modules we will look into:

  • proteins and their binding, foaming and emulsifying properties
  • fats and their emulsifying and organoleptic properties
  • carbohydrates – including sugars and fibres and their binding properties

And having understood how the macronutrients behave, we shall develop an understanding of how to replace animal-derived ones with pant-based ingredients.

This is not a cookery course. But you will become more aware of how the choice of ingredients impact on a dish, and what to choose to make everybody happy at the table – vegan or not!

The cost is 150 Eur, payable through PayPal or bank transfer. The course is run on the Zoom platform and is organised on a personal basis, so we can schedule the modules according to your individual needs.

Drop me an email if you are interested or need more information! emailto: thecrafstycat@gmail.com